Life is magic: Go further. Dive deeper.

I am still somehow awestruck by the infinite nature of existence. The most freeing idea I have ever come across is that it doesn’t end. There is so much to explore on the physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, vibrational, creative and probably some other plane that we are not aware of.

The fact that during my lifetime I probably won’t come across a final conclusion in any sort of world makes me jump at the astounding depth and vastness of it all. We are faced with infinity and yet are possibly given only a few seconds in the grand scheme of things to explore it with our human minds.

This itself should make our arrogance shudder and yet we run around acting like we have mapped all the vastness of the universe where we have probably only caught a minuscule glimpse of its endlessness.

This itself should draw us into the excitement of exploration: the child-like wonder we all seem to have lost, and yet the boundlessness of it all frightens us-so we turn to our dogmas and opinions where everything has an end and nothing can dance outside of our made up lines.

The universe shivers with wonder in the depths of a human-Brianne Swimme

Life is magic! That is whether you believe this it is chaos or created and we forget our wands, we forget to play in it all because our fear leads us to take it so seriously.

So seriously that we forget that we are all confused. So seriously that we create conflict over ideology. So seriously that we forget to simply love each other.

Why don’t we bring that wonder back? Think harder, cry and scream louder, travel further and love deeper.

We are all so stuck in the mundane searching for some magic to save us from this world. Wake up! The magic is all around you if you have the eyes to see it and the courage to grab it.


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