To the one that started it all.

I have, for the past few years, been quite focused on expanding my consciousness through plant medicines-mainly psilocybin mushrooms and Ayahuasca and it has been a crazy journey. I forget to give credit though, to the plant medicine who started it all: Marijuana herself.

My relationship with weed has always been a little strained-I would go from fits of giggles to paranoia in a matter of seconds, but I always forget to mention the day at Pigs Peak where this beautiful herb gave me a glimpse into the infinite nature of reality.

Now I would ask you to please not go google Pigs Peak -this was a self-created name by my high school friend and I. It was, in a sense, our secret spot where we used to sit for hours on a dilapidated and half- built wooden bridge in the middle of a field, staring at Pretoria’s horizon-beer in one hand, cigarette in the other and a pack of laughs to last us a lifetime. I would still love to go back to see if the pole which held the number of boys we kissed, still exists.

I had, at this point in my life just come out of a very deep depression. Funnily enough, the quote “infinite love is the only truth, everything else is an illusion” by David Icke, was a catalyst for my recovery. I had slowly but surely started to rediscover the joy and underlying current of love in my life but my experience that day, I would say, was to be the one of most intense for my young mind yet to come.

We were about 18 years old at that time and for the most part, if we got together, which was a lot, we were probably doing something hilarious or crazy or what some people may refer to as stupid or dangerous.

On this day, my best friend, let’s call her Carol, managed to get hold of some, what she referred to as “fucking strong weed”. After smoking this “fucking strong weed” we understandably,  got a little bit paranoid sitting in the middle of a field in South Africa and so proceeded to sit in the car and listen to some music.

This music was far from relaxing. We had somehow gotten ourselves involved in the Dubstep scene and so when the crashing noise came blasting through the CD player all I could exclaim is “Dude! We’re in a spaceship”

This was followed by a near-death roll around the hill, car doors open and all, screaming “We’re in a spaceship, we’re in a spaceship and we are flying!” ensued by manic laughter.

When tired of our antics, we stopped the car at the top of the hill, where the wind was blowing the golden-dry grass around.

I began to feel immensely connected to everything and astounded by the beauty of it all.

“Are you sure this is just weed?” I said, eyes wide open.

The same expression on her face, my friend simply replied “Yip. It’s just really strong”

We sat like that for a few moments until eventually, I exclaimed: “Dude are you feeling this?”



“Dude…it’s all love man.”

“It’s all love!”


We then burst into laughter again, although this time it was not teenage hormonally-induced-stupidity cackles but the realization that the world as we know it is born from an undercurrent of consciousness that’s primal expression is unconditional and heart-wrenchingly beautiful love: at least that is the only way I can express it.

Over the years this experience faded into the back of my mind, my friend and I slowly outgrew each other and we went our separate paths, but I am just beginning to realize the impact that it had on me and how it may have subconsciously influenced me to walk this path.

We forget that all medicines are sacred if we use them properly and within the right context. Although, as a side note, I wouldn’t exactly call speeding around a hill while high out of your mind ‘the right context’ and to be honest, I would say rather wait till you’re a bit older to smoke weed if you want to(as if you’re going to actually listen to that.)

All can be used in the evolution of our consciousness. Ayahuasca, Ibogaine, and San-Pedro are all, of course,  powerful tools, but, to forget the contribution that other, what can be seen as ‘less powerful’ medicines, played in our journey, is to do a great disservice and disrespect to the plant medicine family as a whole.

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