Life after death: the final egoic construction.

[Warning: Please do not mistake the following for a form of suicidal ideation. If you are having suicidal thoughts, please seek immediate help.]

There seems to be this misconception that those who are spiritual in any sense are afraid of death. In fact, I feel that in many cases this is the opposite of the truth. A lot of spiritually-driven practices are about embracing death: to ‘die’ before you die.

At the very core of many of these methods or rituals is the idea of enlightenment which to simplify means to ultimately let go of the ego and its constructions. In a sense then, if we are to assume that there is no life after death, then dying would be the ultimate form of letting go.

The whole concept of any sort of heaven, if you really think about it, could be seen as an intense egoic construction, created to sustain the idea that our personality complexes will live on after our bodies have disintegrated. Furthermore, the arrogance within the idea of an afterlife implies that life is not really that important unless we are aware of it.

The truth is that we are not afraid that there is no life after death. In all probability there is still life- the earth does not stop spinning and your friends do not stop dancing.  The only thing that has died is your separate self- awareness that is so prevalent in these separate subjective bodies. This separate self-awareness- this is what we are afraid of losing.

Of course, for all I know, I could die and find myself in the middle of a million singing angels. It’s not the idea of an afterlife but the clinging onto that causes us so much suffering.

You may be reading this and thinking, ‘Pssht. I’m not afraid of passing away.’ but if you have ever resisted anything; the beginning or end of any phase, then you are resisting it in all its mini versions. A break up is probably the most on-topic and real life example I can use.

Meditation is a dress rehearsal for death-Adyashanti

So no, as “spiritualists” we do not fear death-we embrace death- we learn to die in every moment- we learn that if anything our egos are not the most important aspects of existence and rather what impact “they” will have left when “they” are gone.

If then, all that is left is our impact, why not leave a positive one?




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