You’re not “too much”

If you’re an “intense” person, whatever the hell that’s supposed to mean, at some point, you were probably made to feel like you were “too much”. You may have laughed too loudly, cried too much, shared too much, questioned too much.

You may have been willing to take on people’s shit from all corners of the earth but felt that simply asking for a tiny favour was “too much”.

You may have been told that it’s unladylike to laugh that way, to make those sounds, to jump around like that or that your authentic emotions are too much for those around you and it makes them feel uncomfortable.

You may have been made to feel like you’re taking up too much space, that you have to apologize for being confident in your beauty, in your voice, in your creative expression. That you must love yourself but not too much because that’s arrogant.

Well I call bullshit. You don’t need permission to take up space. You don’t need some sort of hall pass to cry or sing or laugh as loudly as you can. You’re allowed to know that you’re beautiful and you’re allowed to express yourself in whatever manner you feel works for you.

Some may call this excusing toxic behaviour and yes if taken to ridiculous extremes, forcing yourself into other people’s space or using your intensity to push past people’s boundaries is not healthy, but what is also toxic is this culture of silence and meekness, especially in many women and in some men who may feel that their masculinity is wrong in some way.

This is not to say that being silent, still, gentle and flowing are not powerful in their own ways but to suppress our emotions, our divine expression through all its crazy and loud portals is simply going to lead to a generation of people who are afraid to show up in all their wonderful divinity. It is going to prevent us from truly stepping into our power and sharing our gifts with the world.

“You’ll never bee too much fire for those who are meant to dance in your flames”-Ara

The people who are meant for you will never use the words “too much”. They will celebrate you and you my amazing being, are a singular celebration of life unfolding. How can that glorious celebration be “too much”?


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