Blogger Recognition award: Feed your creativity-don’t force it to feed you.

I began this blog in the middle of University and although I didn’t have the time to focus on it, whenever I got some free time I would get lost in the “blogosphere.” I got into Honours, but something inside me said, “Fuck that. Let’s give this writing thing a real chance.” (not to mention the ridiculous amount of debt I would be putting myself in had I done my Honours  degree). And so I did…and I do not regret it for a second.

One thing I realized throughout this journey is that I shouldn’t force my creativity to feed me. This is not my own idea but rather Elizabeth Gilberts who wrote in her book ‘Big Magic, “You yell at your creativity saying ‘you must earn money for me!’ It’s sort of like yelling at a Cat: it has no idea what you’re talking about and all you’re doing is scaring it away because you’re making really loud noises and your face looks weird when you do that.”

This realization hit me hard. I had given a year to focus on my writing and now I’m probably going to “starve”. Surprise surprise. Starving writer cliche over here. But, I decided that instead of using my blog as a source of income, I would use it as a platform to attract clients who I could write for.

This is not the same as me forcing my creativity to make money for me. My blog is my personal and creative space where I can go wild and say what I want when I want. My freelance writing is a bit more constricted but yes, I do make money out of it.

Of course, making money from freelance writing is not a walk in the park either and I would not encourage you to simply throw caution to the wind, quit your day-job and set up an Upwork profile. What I am saying is that a blog can be a lucrative space in which to attract clients. All my best and well-paying clients are the ones that came to me after reading my blog and not the ones I went looking for through freelance networks.

I am not saying you will never make money out of your blog and that you should not keep trying. I am just putting forward the idea that you should not force it too much. That while you are growing your following you might as well pick up some lucrative freelance jobs along the way which have the added benefit of enhancing your writing skills as well as SEO (Social Engineering Optimization) and Social Media Marketing skills. All of these skills will definitely help you attract more traffic to your blog.

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