To Manifest greatness, find your ‘Why’

Stepping into your power, trying to change your life around or attempting to manifest miracles can be one of the most beautiful journeys one will find themselves on. What many fail to mention is that it can be incredibly dark and challenging. This is because your mind and body are so programmed to fear that a lot of resistance to the change will come up. This could come in the form of patterns that you thought you had let go of, negative emotions that you may have been suppressing and basically any trick in the book your ego can throw at you due to its natural need to feel safe.

Whats wonderful about this is that it gives you an opportunity. It is actually the path you were asking for even though it may not seem like it. The patterns, the darkness-it is all coming up so that you can shed the light of awareness onto them and step through them with you inner, divine power.

That being said, this is no easy thing to do. Sometimes it can feel impossible. This is why I feel we need to have a ‘Why’ or what Aurianna Joy refers to as a ‘Sacred Why’ and just from my personal experience, this ‘Why’ tends to work more wonders if it involves something or someone outside of yourself.

A short time ago my purpose became apparent to me. I realized that I am here to teach people how to access their inner power, their inner -self-love and remember their divinity so that they can create their own heaven on earth.

After this, I “coincidentally” came across a video where a girl found her inner strength by repeating the phrase, “If not for me than for them”. This really struck a chord with me and truly resonated with my inner purpose.

These past few weeks have been a bit of a challenge. I have asked the universe for so much and so the universe has  asked me to step up to the plate. At the same time, the resistance coming from my mind and even my body have begun to rise as I have begun to expand.

At times this has felt quite overwhelming but I have found repeating the phrase, “if not for me, then for them.” has kept me moving through all this fear.

Who is ‘them’? Who are these beings that I feel called to help? I have no idea but, the idea of them keeps me strong.

Self-love is important, yes, but it can only get you so far. Feeling that you have a cause outside of yourself, that you have people relying on you, real or imagined, can get you through the darkest days.

So then, I ask you, what is your ‘Sacred Why’?



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