Comfort zones are for resting in-not living in.

The past few months have been amazing. I am in a much better place than I have been for quite a while and I can attribute that to many things but after taking some time to evaluate I found there were two common denominators.  The first one is that  I stopped worrying so much. The second is that I stepped out of my comfort zone-consistently.

We all love feeling comfortable and safe. It’s perfectly normal and there is really nothing wrong with it. Although, living in perceived safety your whole entire life might just lead to a mediocre existence. If you’re okay with that then by all means-put on those slippers, turn on that tv and slip into a beautiful stupor. But, if you’re not, maybe its time to take a bit of a leap.

When we sit inside our comfort zones we are sending a vibrational message to the universe. We are in effect calling for a place where nothing exciting happens, where everything stays the same and yet- we lay around in our ball of safety and comfort, pleading to the universe for answers as to why we are stuck.

Of course then when we step out of our comfort zones we are sending a vibrational message of openness. We are opening our hearts and minds to the unknown, we are placing trust in existence and so the universe responds to this with excitement, adventure, and experiences beyond our imaginations.

“In any given moment we have two options: step forward into growth or step back into safety”-Abraham Maslow

There is though, a purpose for your comfort zone. We are just human. We can not consistently be living on the edge. At least not most of us. We need some rest-and this can be its purpose. Construct for yourself a healthy comfort zone-where you rest-recuperate re-inspire yourself and then jump back into that glorious flow. Comfort zones are after all-no place to live in, but a lovely place to rest.

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