Can microdosing on L.S.D enhance your LOA skills?

*I would like to point out that this is simply based on my own experience and should not be taken as fact or advice in terms of psychedelics.

I have always been a little scared of L.S.D. After a very dark experience with Ayahuasca and a little bit with magic mushrooms, I was not sure I could handle taking a psychedelic in a non-ceremonial setting-where there are social expectations and ideas of fun that need to be conformed to. I mean, of course, my friends would look after me if I had a ‘bad’ trip, but you don’t want to be that guy who runs on a roof and threatens to jump off-just to use one of the most cliche terror tactics.

I decided then that I would take drop in water and share it with my friend. I have gotten to the point where I like to wade in instead of jump when it comes to psychedelics-and well, I was pleasantly surprised. Now, although I can’t speak on behalf of a full-blown acid trip, it seems that, unlike Ayahuasca and magic mushrooms, you are in the driver’s seat when it comes to L.SD. In other words, direct your mind into a positive state-and your experience will follow-just like life. I have heard whispers here or there of some individuals being able to direct their Ayahuasca trips after working for a long time with the medicine but that’s some expert-shaman-guru level stuff that I am not even slightly ready for.

It was incredibly synchronistic though, that L.S.D had appeared to me at this time in my life. After having spent a long while on my journey vehemently against any sort of positive thinking, labeling it as ‘woo woo’ spirituality, I began to uncover the gems and the power to be found in directing your thoughts and feelings towards certain manifestations.

L.S.D, at least to me, and at least in what I would perhaps call a ‘macro-micro’ dose is a great tool to assist in developing my ability to manifest. The effect that your thoughts have on your reality, your ability to directly play with your vibrations and/or feelings are much more obvious and straightforward when on this psychedelic.

It is almost like a practice session for life-and I would be bold to say that perhaps (and I say perhaps as it is just a hypothesis) it may influence your brain structure and neuro-processing during your trips that you can integrate into your every day, denser 3-d reality.

This is a new and great revelation I have had about working with psychedelics or hallucinogens. They do not all serve the same purpose-at least for me. Magic Mushrooms and Aya have taught me to surrender-have been a practice ground for the surrendering in my daily life where acid has taught me to construct my reality and a balance between the two is simply a delicate sweet spot. The wonderful thing is that the ego dissolution that occurs with all of these-helps me understand how to approach surrendering and manifestation from a more holistically-conscious and less ego-defined viewpoint which lead to the practices in my daily life following suit. Try manifesting or surrendering with a stubborn and self-absorbed ego and the task becomes ten times harder.

Life itself is an ebb and flow of surrender and manifestation, creation and destruction. Perhaps the holistic use of all psychedelics in a healthy, non-idealized and practical manner can help us integrate these parts of life within ourselves-so that we work with and not against the current of our own nuanced realities.

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