If Not For Me, Then For Them: My Personal Antidote For Depression.

A few months ago I stumbled upon my purpose, or you could say my purpose stumbled upon me. I found that I wanted to help other people or more specifically empower other people to help themselves.


A little bit of time went by and I came across applying for a transformative course by Aurianna Joy. Now although I never ended up taking part in this course, the email I sent her, where she asked for my ‘Sacred why’ has stuck with me.


“Dear Aurianna



For the past few years a lot of my spiritual work has been mainly about me but, recently I had a re-awakening where I realized that I really want to help those around me learn how to love themselves and reclaim their power.
Right now, this is my Sacred Why. I feel that these people, whoever I am going to be helping, although I have not met them yet (or maybe I have?) is giving me that extra “oomph” to truly work on myself and step into my power.
A few days ago, I watched the video where a girl managed to summon her inner strength by saying, ‘if not for me, then for them’ and this really resonated with me. It does not mean that I am not self-loving or that I am not working towards that, but it gives me the courage and determination to push through my blocks because all in all, it’s really not just about me. It’s about all of us. “
At the time, this idea had been running in the back of my mind but writing it out made it much clearer and concrete in my everyday life. Now,  when I feel demotivated, I use the mantra, ‘ If not for me, then for them.’ as my motto to pull myself up, when I feel like taking the easy road it guides me to do the right thing and most astoundingly of all, it has helped me deal constructively with my bouts of depression.
Obviously, I am not saying that any person who is depressed can simply use these words and there depression is gone. As someone who has battled quite extreme levels of depression, I know that these words can mean nothing in those dark places. If I am honest, and luckily for me, I have not sunk incredibly deep down the rabbit hole of depression in the past few years, but I know its pattern. I have started to recognize how it begins to creep up on me, I have seen the thoughts that come with it and I have learned how to turn my mind around for the most part.
Happiness may be found only by helping others to find it-Napolean Hill
But for those days where I wake up and my bones feel weak,  where no amount of positive thinking is going to push me through the day, where that sneaky little emptiness starts filling me up and I become what I can only call ‘soul-tired’, those words are my guiding force.
Self-love is important yes and looking after yourself is vital but if you are only doing these things for self-satisfaction then you will continue to feel empty.
Look outside of yourself. Look at what you can do for the world and then, turn yourself into the best person for the job.
That’s how I found my fuel and that’s what lights my fire.




2 thoughts on “If Not For Me, Then For Them: My Personal Antidote For Depression.

  1. I guess you stumbled upon a great truth the way only people who go through great suffering do. I also think there is no real risk of ever straying too far from self love, aka selfishness. You look around, and you see how people are just self obsessed, all the time. They obviously know nothing of what you’ve just discovered.

    1. When I speak of self love I mean it more in the sense of having healthy boundaries and looking after yourself so you can be the best version of yourself. Its cliche but you can’t pour from an empty cup. I do understand where you are coming from though. Thanks so much for your input. Always happy to know that my blog provokes thought in those who read it.

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