A New Recipe for Abundance: Aligning with Pachamama.

Hippies and mother earth. These two things seem to be synonymous right? Well, not for me. Although I have always been quite a spiritual person, I’ve always struggled to really connect with nature and this planet. Although I intellectually understood that the Earth was, to say the least, not in a good way, my connectedness and empathy for this were lacking a bit.

This all changed when I took a bit too much magic mushrooms at a festival which you can read about here: A Mothers Love. A Mothers Pain.

Needless to say, although I began having a more somatic and embodied understanding, there was still a slight disconnect. This is until I got a message during one of my own personal shamanic journeys, to connect with the earth-to connect with the cycles of the earth and the moon.  I began doing this in my daily life and low and behold a few weeks later, I was invited to a shamanic equinox ceremony. I had called to Mother Nature and she had responded in a big way.

Truth be told, I still felt quite resistant to this idea. My  expanding compassion, for some reason, seemed to engulf only that of humans and then stopped. My ego had overridden my spiritual life and only allowed me to truly feel for those who I had been implicitly taught through generations of overblown ego, were the most important species to walk the earth. Funnily enough, by virtue of the fact that they could conquer it.

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This is why when I walked into ceremony and the shaman began speaking of Mother Earth, I felt incredibly resistant. She spoke of how she had dedicated her life to Mother Earth and in response, Mother Earth had always provided for her. This to me, was a new concept but I unknowingly shrugged it off as we took a part in the rest of the ceremony.

“Yes, she cradles my loneliness
A home that I forage, nest
Universal test, feel the weight of my love
Put your hand on my chest
And rest, in the cradle of my arms
The battle that we face is the place where our scars come from
And to pick up the gun
My love, we are destined to teach these ones to be brave
And never run away
Courage is birthed from the womb on the first light of day
Yeah, the day you were born, you came out perfect
Never meant to be torn”

During this ceremony, we had to take our shoes off. It had been quite a while since I had felt the earth on my feet for that long and something about this mud just invigorated me. I began to feel a connection to a home that I had forgotten and as we danced around the fire, my feet muddy and sore, my heart and body began to connect with the land and I was reminded of her great wisdom and abundance.

The next day, we ended off the ceremony with an intention setting practice. In this practice, I dug my hands into the red-delicious earth. I was given the message that if I honoured the ‘Great Spirit’or unconditional love that flows through everything,  if I honoured my ancestors and if I honoured the land, that abundance in the form of such amazing purpose and simplicity would fill my life to the brim. I realized that the more I honoured my purpose and all the beings around me-letting go of false goals that had no real meaning, the more I would be provided for and provided for in a way that my spirit would rejoice.

The real joys of this world are so simple. If you can find gratitude and purpose you will have a life filled with wonder. If you can let go of the need to control as well as those goals that serve nothing but to prop you up in the eyes of your ego and the egos around you, you will be able to find joy in the most simple of moments. If you honour mother earth, she will honour you right back and your life will be more abundant then you ever thought possible.

This is why we should as a collective, start working within the cycles of mother earth instead of against her. I am by no means an expert in sustainable technology, living and I am not presenting a utopian ideal. I have simply begun to truly understand the importance of nature beyond utility. Beyond something dead that we can just carve and mold into some reflection of our collective narcissism.

All I am saying is change needs to happen. Let’s be aware of that and if possible, and if we’re ready, let’s begin making changes in our lives and in our society to be more in tune and humble ourselves to these natural cycles. Let’s not only embrace an intellectual understanding of the way we are harming the earth but tune into it and embody that wisdom.

The devastation to this our planet earth is, of course, old news to most of us but perhaps we can renew a sense of purpose in this regard by moving beyond the intellectual discussion and encouraging a reconnection to the Great Mother herself. Once we truly remember that she is alive, we are saving more than just resources for ourselves and future generations. We are introducing a more heart-centered way of living that can serve many aspects of our lives for generations to come and we can prevent those in the future from treating the land like a dead tool-only there to be used and discarded. The issue is not necessarily what we are doing but perhaps the disconnected space we are doing it from. It becomes much harder to harm something when you grow empathy for it-just as it becomes much easier to help it.

With that all I can say is Pachamama: I hear you, I love you, I honour you.

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