The Power of Adaption: Letting Go Of The One-Size-Fits-All Sales Pitch.

Life is a series of paradoxes. Even when you think about it philosophically you find out that there’s not really one truth but a variety of opposing and seemingly contradictory truths.

This may seem frustrating-especially for those of us on some inner quest for THE truth. Yes, finding THe truth would be amazing because it would be sort of like an all-in-one -solution to everything, right?Having a mid-life crisis? Just look to THE truth! Putting on some weight? THE truth will sort you out!

The problem is that when what we see as the answer to everything, the thing that gives our life its meaning stops working, we can start to get pretty discouraged and sometimes depressed. Attaching yourself to one truth is like running out of a battle with a sword (let’s pretend we still fight with swords just because its cool) and thinking it’s going to fix your relationships or help you lose weight.No. Don’t be that guy.

Different parts of your life require different approaches-there is no one size fits all answer to every situation-this is why I don’t trust books that have all the answers or ‘the secret’.  Yes,  it may work for a certain time but not always. When people ask me-should we live this way or that way? I say- it depends on the situation.

If I were to claim that there was something even close to one simple solution, although, as established, there is not, I would say it is to be adaptive and open. Realize that some strategies may work for one time of your life but leave you with a disadvantage in another time. Realize that what may work for your relationships does not necessarily work for your career or that one strategy may work with one relationship but turn another one into a complete disaster.

You need to be open, to be constantly learning and to understand that you can take advantage of these paradoxes by not using a hammer to build the whole house, pool, and garden. I mean, if anything has proven to push evolution along it is adaption, right? What’s great is that as humans we have the ability to use our minds to adapt at a rate that is faster than any ‘accidental’ evolutionary process will allow.

And please if you come across some speaker, writer, guru, trinket whisperer, elephant jumper-whoever, that claims that they have THE answer to all your problems, take it with a large pinch, or maybe I should say handful, of salt.

There is no one answer. There never will be and that does not have to be a bad thing. Change your perspective on it. View it as an adventure. Try new approaches. You may surprise yourself.





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