Nothing and I Mean Nothing, Will Make You Happy.

Happiness. What an elusive little concept. At the core of all our endless nights staying up to work, traveling and making time for the important people in our lives this is all we are trying to achieve. At least for me its been a very important motivator in terms of setting my goals, deciding how to spend my time, choosing friends and the list goes on. What I found very interesting after a long while is that although I was doing well in all of these areas, there was still something missing. After numerous and exhaustive attempts at trying to find happiness outside of myself, the realization came to me that none of it would ever satisfy the emptiness inside of me. In the beginning, this was extremely depressing but after a while, it became liberating as I felt into this nothingness, found my divinity in there and realized that nothing in my life situation can control or define me as we are all beyond our situational boundaries.

We are all overly familiar with the usual trope of ‘money can’t make you happy’ or something along the lines of ‘you can’t take gold to heaven’ and so forth but what if I told you that beyond possessions, nothing and I mean nothing at all will ever make you happy? I am talking about relationships, travel and perhaps even the most utmost and profound spiritual experience of your life. Yes, of course for a while these can all leave you feeling quite excited, fulfilled and all fuzzy on the inside but when the moment wears off and when you take a moment to look deep within yourself, you will find that there is a deep emptiness waiting for you.

This ’emptiness’ or ‘nothingness’ is what we all run away from sometimes through drugs and sometimes through distracting ourselves through a good laugh with friends. Now there is nothing wrong with a good laugh but lets really take a look at what is going on here.

“Deep down we all suspect that something is very wrong with the way we perceive life but we try very, very hard not to notice it. And the way we remain blind to our frightful condition is through an obsessive and pathological denial of being — as if some dreadful fate would overcome us if we were to face the pure light of truth and lay bare our fearful clinging to illusion.”-Adyashanti

Life in and of itself is a very peculiar sort of happening. We don’t really know how to make sense of it and so we ignore this existential dread by distracting ourselves with daily life and menial activities. What we should rather do is face it head on and I don’t mean in some sort of intellectual sense but rather through awareness and being.

You see, once you allow yourself to sit with that emptiness, to accept it and embrace it, a new kind of contentment arises. One that isn’t attached to the conditions of your life but that is just okay with ‘being’ and being okay with ‘being’; that’s where unconditional love, happiness, and joy lies.














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