Why I’m breaking up with meditation

Meditation is basically akin to the bible in the spiritual community. I won’t be surprised if in a few years they start telling us we are going straight to the fiery pits if we don’t do our daily breath work.

That being said, I. fucking. hate. meditating.  Seriously- I hate it.

I know I know what you’ re going to say. “It’s always difficult in the beginning”; “Start with only ten minutes a day and work your way up”; “focus on a candle”; “Eat a slice of kangaroo and go f**k yourself ” – my own little add-on.

Believe me.  I have tried it all for about the past nine years and every still, aching, moment makes me wonder why I keep trying to torture myself?

I understand the power of presence but what I also understand is that that kind of power doesn’t only stem from meditating. You can try yoga, shamanic drumming, dancing, Tai chi, rock climbing, and the list goes on!

What I am saying, is stop getting attached to this idea that you have to meditate or else you’re not spiritual. Actually, it’s dangerous to get attached to any specific notion of what the word “spiritual” means because at the end of the day it has nothing else to do with anything except connecting with that divine inner light in a way that serves you and in some rare cases, without excruciating leg cramps.

So that’s it. I’m breaking up with meditation. As with any relationship, if it isn’t serving you, let that shit go.


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