The Workaholic’s Greatest Fear as Faith

I am not under any illusion that simply thinking positively and visualizing an abundant, joy-filled future are the only ingredients towards success. Work is needed. Inspired action is even better although not always practical. Furthermore, spiritual bypassing, I think many of us can agree, is a recipe for escapism, dogmatism and utter disaster in our personal lives.
On the other hand, working ourselves into the literal grave isn’t going to help either. We may eventually burn out, having all the success we acquired crumble before us as we struggle to live up to the ridiculous standards that we have set up around ourselves in order to live what we have usually been conditioned to perceive as the stereotypical version of  “success”.
However, beyond these earthly repercussions, the tendency to work too hard can point towards a lack of faith in the divine, God, the universe, the jumbo jet or whatever you want to call it. Not allowing ourselves rest and empty spaces within our lives, not only leaves us feeling exhausted but it does not allow for divine intervention or, if you’re more inclined towards the atheistic side, sparks of ideas, creativity, innovation and strategy that may allow your life to blossom as a more fulfilled, flowing experience, rather than a constant battle to that ever elusive hill top. Let me know if you ever meet the fool (for the Beatles fans *wink*)
In those empty, silent spaces; the home of the divine resides and if you never allow yourself to walk into that home, your home,  you never allow yourself to surrender to the conversations you could have with it, the miracles that could arise from it.
Rather, the constant push to work 24/7 denotes a controlling, fearful behaviour; thinking that if one does not work and push themselves every hour, minute and second, they will never achieve their goals or create the life they would love to live all the whilst hating every second of their current existence for some self-created prophecy that they think will bring them happiness; Thinking that they are the only purveyors of power in their lives, but forgetting the fact that if they took those moments to remember their divinity,  treasured those moments of nothingness and emptiness, miracles could arise and unimaginable futures could manifest with more grace, flow and fulfillment.
Yes. Work. It’s important that one takes responsibility for their lives but our lives are incomplete with the grace and miraculousness that could grow from the empty spaces that our ego’s fear to dwell in.
Dear beautiful workaholic, I know you, I was you, sometimes I still am you; the truth is you do not need my permission to rest but here I am giving you that for I feel deeply in my heart we are always being held in life’s fearless, brutal and loving grace. Just for a moment, take a deep breathe and let yourself be taken. You may be surprised.

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