Smoking, Coffee and Personalising your Meditation Practice

I wrote an article in the past about breaking up with meditation. You can read more about it here but basically I was, to use the South African term, gatvol of trying my best to meditate for practically my whole life and still not being able to get ten minutes of presence clocked down.

Luckily, I recently found a new technique from my Somatic Experiencing Therapist. I take a cup of coffee, a smoke, put my bare feet on the ground and simply enjoy every single minute of it.

Now smoking and coffee perhaps aren’t seen as the most ‘spiritual’ of substances and I wouldn’t recommend you start dosing yourself up with caffeine and start an addictive smoking habit.

However, it works for me, and that’s the point. I have never been able to be so present in my entire life until a simple cuppa caffeine walked in and changed that forever.

We have this almost holy grail idolization of mediation in the spiritual community. It’s almost as if you don’t meditate, you are not really doing it ‘right’.

That being said, our spiritual path is our own and rather than turning forms of practices into micro-religious rites, we should use what serves us and discard what doesn’t.

For me, that’s a cup of coffee and a cigarette but for you, it could be yoga, climbing, Tai Chi or anything that gets you into the now and connected to yourself, your body and your center.

We are all on our own self-development and/or spiritual journey. Let’s be careful not to turn what was meant to be free internal exploration into another dogmatic way of being.

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